Preserving your perfume longer is anybody’s wish in order to preserve this fine and precious scent, for its first use until its last. The perfume contains aromatic and essential oils which can transform if we don’t take care of them. Yet, a well-preserved perfume has a lifetime of a many years!

Here are a few rules to follow:

Avoid direct contact with the Sun and light and favor a dark place, especially if the bottle is transparent (you can keep the bottle in its case)

Avoid keeping it in a place too hot which is likely to disrupt the chemical equilibrium of the formula

Do not put it in a refrigerator, which would create temperature changes too frequent, and favor room temperature

Choose a dry room, such as a bedroom, to restrict humidity (avoid the bathroom!)

Check that the bottle is tightly closed and open it only when you use it to avoid oxidation

Do not shake your perfume bottle before using it

Favor small bottles for your travels, this prevents leaks and limits the risks of breaking it; for plane travels, you will then be able to put your perfume bottle in your hand baggage

All perfumes, eaux de parfum and eaux de toilette of Galimard 1747 have a 3-year-long usage optimal date after the first opening.