Galimard 1747

B&M Parfums

Eau de Parfum (EDP)

PELE-MELE, EDP de Galimard 1747

100 ml Price: 115 100 BGN

PELE-MELE Galimard by B&M Parfums

Green and fresh notes open the sparkling dance of this attractive fragrance, unveiling a melange of green tea and rose; sensually warmed by musk and sandalwood, the close is enriched by a glowing touch of ripe peach and mellow plum.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, marigold, green tea;

Heart notes: iris, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine;

Base notes: cedarwood, blackcurrant, peach, plum.

(Floral Fruity/ Sensual, Light, Fresh)

ENTRE NOUS, EDP de Galimard 1747

100 ml Price: 115 100 BGN

Entre Nous Galimard by B&M Parfums

Let us fly, says the delicate green mango to the impetuous grapefruit. Softly, lest we be overtaken by the heady jasmine chaperon. Lightly caressing the lotus and delicate hyacinth as their souls connect. We listen to the mirth from a distance, as the iris and cistus declare their love. A fragrance with confidential and mysterious subtlety.

Top notes: jasmine, green mango, grapefruit;

Heart notes: hyacinth, lotus;

Base notes: cistus, iris, musk.

(Floral Woody Musk/Sensual, Light, Fresh)

PARADOXE, EDP de Galimard 1747

100 ml Price: 100 80 BGN

A luminous flight of mingled figs and lemons gently fades to reveal a warm heart of radiant accords; an unexpected base of sumptuous woods creates a unique signature.

Top notes: lemon, dry fig;

Heart notes: radiant notes, fig tree;

Base notes: amber, cedarwood, musk.

(Floral Green/Light, Bright, Cheerful)


100 ml Price: 165 140 BGN

Princesse Pauline Galimard by B&M Parfums

The Princess Pauline Borghèse, Napoleon’s sister, famous for her beauty, spent the winter of 1807/1808 in Grasse, and came back often until the fall of the Empire. Legend has it she sat on a small throne sculpted in a rock, in the park in Grasse which now bears her name. In her tribute, we have created this feminine and spicy fragrance. At its top, the Mediterranean air carries pink peppercorn and blackcurrant. Its heart beats with the Rose of May, the most beautiful flower from Grasse, and a spicy geranium. The base softens with white musk and patchouli.

Top notes: pink peppercorn, blackcurrant, marine note;

Heart notes: Bourbon geranium, Rose of May, chili;

Base notes: amber, white musk, patchouli.

(Chypre Floral/Warm, Spicy)

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