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Who we are

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Who we are

We are Bogdana Vatashka and Maria Alexandrova and together we created B&M Parfums Ltd. in 2019.

We both have extensive experience in international relations and project management and are big fans of good fragrances. So somehow by ourselves, at one point we decided to turn our hobby into an entrepreneurial initiative and everything started to happen like magic: a perfume course in France (on the French Riviera), boutique perfumes, rose gardens, lavender, orange trees, jasmine … However, in order to be pragmatic, we had to start from somewhere and, from the beginning, we created a neat and cosy shop offering the exquisite flavours of the French brand Galimard, Parfumeur en 1747, one of the oldest perfumeries in France, whose founder was the court perfumer of King Louis XV! We are extremely grateful to our French partners for the trust and wonderful cooperation we have so far! We believe that together we have many amazing aromatic temptations to offer to our fans!

However, we intend to gradually expand the range and brands we offer. We are fully focused on niche perfumery, where quality fragrances are in limited series and it is much easier to find unique products that will best meet the individual requirements of our customers. Of course, all the brands we will offer on the Bulgarian market will be specially selected according to a certain set of criteria, to ensure that our customers receive the best quality. Certainly, the focus in our products are and will be the natural ingredients, but in no case, we do exclude synthetic molecules that create an incredible variety of accords to offer. Especially if we want to protect many animal species that have been exterminated for decades because of the valuable secretion they produce!

We believe that we can contribute to enriching our customers’ olfactory culture and help them find the scents that inspire, motivate and fill them with life! The main mission for us is to encourage the creative potential of the people who trust us and choose to work with us, because only when we believe in our capabilities and start developing them, then we can be considered successful!

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